Tuchel Eco-mate Connectors

Tuchel Eco-mate Series Connectors

Evolved from Amphenol-Tuchel's C16-1 series, the new Tuchel Eco-mate connectors are intermateable and interchangeable with the old C16-1 products. Eco-mate connectors are made from tough polyamide material and offer environmental protection of IP65 or IP67, depending on model. Vibration-proof coarse-threaded cable gland, ergonomically shaped to facilitate quick mating/unmating even under extreme environmental conditions.

Features & Benefits
· New cable screw connection with clamping ruing
· Strain relief and mounted gasket all in one component
· Ergonomically shaped handle for a better grip and safer handling
· Fastening for the protective caps on the receptacle housing
· One cable housing for all cable diameters (6mm – 12,5 mm)

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