Neptune Connectors

Neptune Connectors

Neptune Connector Cylindrical, Machined Aluminum, Double Lead Acme Threaded Coupling, Rugged Environment, RADSOK® Power Contact Technology

Pyle National introduces a new power connector family featuring Amphenol’s exclusive RADSOK® contact system. The new NEPTUNE® connector series is designed to perform in the most demanding environments.
NEPTUNE® incorporates our RADSOK® contact technology. The RADSOK® system is a patented electrical terminal based on a hyperbolic grid configuration. As a male pin is inserted, the grid deflects, imparting high normal forces. The hyperbolic configuration ensures a large coaxial, face-to-face engagement area for a low milli-volt drop connection with low insertion force. The stamped grid and cylinder are very rugged, allowing for a high quantity of insertion cycles and off axis insertions.

Features & Benefits
•  RADSOK contacts provide increased amperage in smaller package
•  30 Amp through 400 Amp/600 Volt inserts available
•  Decreased weight & panel layout compared to the competition
•  Double lead Acme threads for easy coupling
•  Machined contacts designed for longer life/mating cycles
•  RADSOKs allow for lower insertion forces than standard contacts
•  Three key design to limit cross-mating
•  Machined aluminum dust cap for environmental protection
•  Plugs utilize mechanical clamp strain relief
•  VFD rated inserts

•  UL approved to UL1682 standards
•  Machined aluminum components heat resistant to 750º F
•  Operating Temperature rated to -67º F to +225º F
•  IP 68-8
•  Resistant to 60 G’s; Vibration exceeds Mil-STD-167-1

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