Tuchel 44 Connectors

Tuchel 44 Series Connectors

Tuchel 44 Connectors are high performance at low cost for applications requiring environmentally sealed, yet inexpensive connectors. An oil-resistant, one-piece waterproof design incorporates crimp poke-home contacts in six insert configurations. Amphenol 44 series associates easy assembly with high performance and an inexpensive price. The easy one piece structure is impervious against water, fuel, lubricants, ozone, road salt and other environmental impacts. Furthermore the 44 series is vibration resistant and filed proven in rugged applications. Due to the high quality and the excellent price/performance relationship there is a wide range of applications for this connector series.

Features & Benefits
· Long time resistance against environmental impacts
· 3 liquid proof seals (primary, secondary and wire)
· Quick and easy assembly
· Quick an easy mating’ protection against mismating
· Protection class IP65/67
· High reliability
· Discrete wire interconnection

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