AT Circular J1939/13 Connectors

AT Circular J1939/13 Connectors

Cylindrical, Plastic, Non Threaded Coupling, Harsh Environment, Power Connector

The AT Circular J1939/13 Connectors series is a molded thermoplastic receptacle with a positive retention system and sealed by redundant grommet wire sealing. The square flange design ensures a drop in replacement to existing panel design and the jam nut design makes for easy installation. The interface is in accordance with the diagnostic connector of the J1939/13.

Features & Benefits
· Durability - No electrical or mechanical defects after 100 cycles of engagement or disengagement
· Corrosion Resistance - exposure to 48 hours of salt spray per MIL STD 1344 method 1001
· Moisture Resistance – Water does not penetrate when submerged in 3 feet of water
· Fluid Resistance – Connectors show no damage when exposed to most fluids used in industrial applications
· Operating Temperature Range – 55/ + 125 C
· Thermal Shock -40/ + 125 C, 100 cycles, 1 hour per cycle no unlocking, unmating or other unsatisfactory results during or after 50 g’s in each of three mutually perpendicular planes.
· Crimp Tensile Strength 25lbs
· Physical Shock – No unlocking, unmating or other unsatisfactory result during or after 50g’s in each of three mutually perpendicular planes. No electrical discontinuities longer than 1 microsecond.
· Current leakage less than 2 milliamps at 1500 VAC
· Insulation resistance - 1000 megaohms min. at 25 C

· RoHS compliant

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