Amphe 309 Connectors

Amphe-309 Connectors

Cylindrical, Composite, Positive Locking, Harsh Environment, Power Connector.

Amphe 309 connectors from Amphenol Pyle National are a series of industrial power connectors built per IEC 60309-1 and -2. Amphe-309 provides safe and reliable portable electrical connections in commercial and light industrial environments subject to temperature extremes, vibration, impact, dirt, moisture, corrosive elements and wash downs. To enhance operator safety, the products have a positive locking feature that stops accidental withdrawal or insertion of the pin while under load, plus a color-coding system that matches amperage and voltage requirements.

Features & Benefits
· Nylon Construction, High impact and corrosion resistance
· Directly interchangeable with other IEC 309 connectors
· Different Codes to ensure mating property and safety
· Light-Weighted and Environmental from Oil, Chemical, Water and Dust
· Distinct color coding for voltages to ensure proper mating
· Water Proof
· Screw Termination, easy field installation without special tools
· Thermoplastic Shells , Inserts, Spring Cover, Interior Strain Relief
· Nickel Plated Brass Contacts
· Steel Assembly Screws, Brass Terminal Screws, Neoprene Mating Gasket
· CE Certified
· RoHS Compliant
· EN 60309-1
· EN-60309-2

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